As I Was Saying: Making the right choice to restore the U.S. in November

Every day there is a conversation going on somewhere about how people are fed up with how our government is run. You will hear it is time for a change, we need term limits, that Congress and the President should be on the same health insurance as the rest of American people, that pay for public servants needs to be reduced, when they finish serving they should go back to work, change tax deductions so it is equal, and so many more.

Then there is the debate around immigration reform. Immigration law at one time, when our great grandparents came over to Ellis Island – only had being thankful for their freedom on their mind. They felt they would work hard and speak English because they wanted to be a U.S. citizen. They would speak their native tongue in their neighborhoods. The expectation was never government handouts; the only handout was their freedom.

Now that being said, can anyone imagine a grassroots person with no political ties running this country? This is a dream come true for every coffee shop, kitchen, and backyard talk across America. What? You mean someone like this can possibly make the change and is working for the people of America?

We have two strong candidates running for President in the November 2016 elections. One is a career politician, who is owned by those who have helped. Remember, actions speak louder than words. The second candidate is not a career politician, speaks out for what the American people have been talking about for many years, is not owned by anyone and wants to work for America.

One candidate has been intensely criticized. But we should ask ourselves why. A majority of career politicians have sold their souls. A fresh candidate has come in and can possibly make change a reality.

Let’s remember, the current government no longer works. It is time to bring in a grassroots movement, a non-political candidate to try and change the current form of government structure.

‘We the People’, have a choice in November.

No matter the name do we want another career politician or a new grassroots candidate that may restore America to the traditional ideals of our founding fathers? It could mean new representatives across the board, with energy being restored to our political process.

We cannot be afraid of change. Many turned out in force during the primary season to ensure Donald Trump received the party’s nomination. Now it’s up to those individuals to turnout and vote for a fresh start in the U.S. in November.

Marie Cramer is a resident of Macedon and former Mayor of the Village she calls home. Her “As I was Saying” is a monthly column, which is featured on the last Friday of every month.

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