Landfill capping project underway at Seneca Meadows in Seneca Falls

Landfill capping project underway at Seneca Meadows in Seneca Falls

In a statement released Thursday, Seneca Meadows Inc, announced that a capping project would begin at their site on Route 414. The project, which will span a 50-acre plot will include what Seneca Meadows says is a “higher performing” cap designed to be more effective at trapping and preventing off-site odors.

“Our team is fully committed to controlling odor,” said Kyle Black, District Manager of Seneca Meadows. “We’ve already implemented a good portion of our odor control plan, which resulted from multiple internal and third party expert assessments of our operations.”

“At this point, we are fine tuning the new technology we’ve installed and addressing everyday issues as they arise. Community members are telling us that they’ve experienced a decline in off-site odor. We look forward to the completion of our capping project; it’s going to make a big difference,” Black explained.

The landfill gas collected at Seneca Meadows is distributed to the Seneca Energy owned electric and natural gas plants for the production of alternative energy. This partnership conserves natural resources, reduces pollution and helps to reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign oil. It has also resulted in a $60,000 annual savings to the Seneca Falls School District in energy costs.

The new cap design, which was submitted by Seneca Meadows to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation includes a heretofore unapplied plastic layer, clay soil and other soils. The new design was sought as part of a multifaceted strategy to eliminate off-site odors caused by landfill gas.

The cap design will also include an additional gas collection layer beneath the plastic; the installation of which may cause temporary off-site odor. The previously implemented industry standard cap design consisted of clay soils, other “barrier protection” soils, topsoil and seeding.

The capping project comes as debate is in full-force in Seneca Falls, over the prospect of a local law, which would prevent landfill expansions — as well as new landfills in the Town. While Local Law #7 was not discussed specifically by the Seneca Falls Town Board at Tuesday’s September meeting, multiple petitioners spoke to the board about Seneca Meadows, landfilling in the Finger Lakes, and a potential local law.

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