‘Extreme Drought’ continues throughout the FLX, drought impacted region expands

September is here, but the heat and drought continue for a vast majority of the Finger Lakes.

The area of ‘extreme drought’ has been expanded, according to the Drought Monitor, who pushed the zone outward by a small portion.

According to the National Weather Service in Binghamton, “Little relief is expected in the upcoming week with forecasted rainfall of around an inch in Syracuse to a quarter of an inch in Scranton.”

They continue pointing out that, “Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected this afternoon and evening, then again Saturday afternoon and night. After that it could be Wednesday. Normal rainfall amounts are one inch per week. Adding to the lack of rain is the above normal temperatures increasing evaporation.”

According to the latest forecasts, above average temperatures are expected throughout the region heading into the coming weeks. With an unchanging weather pattern, and very little rain in the immediate forecast – the rain situation looks bleak for those living in the Finger Lakes region.

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