Inside the FLX: Baldridge talks about campaign for 54th, issues throughout region

Rose Supervisor Kenan Baldridge has made a career out of being an approachable person, who connects with individuals on a direct level.

On this week’s Inside the FLX podcast Baldridge joined Josh Durso in-studio for a 30-minute chat about his campaign for New York State Senate.

Baldridge is the sole Democrat left in the race, after Geneva City Supervisor Charlie Evangelista was kicked out of the race on technicalities back in July. While Evangelista has not formalized his support for Baldridge in form of an endorsement – he remains confident that he will garner most- if not all support from Democrats in the 54th District.

Democrats sit with a deficit of around 14,000 registered voters in the 54th District, which has proven to be a debilitating factor inside any race for the district. Some have even contested that the deficit was a large reason for Sen. Michael Nozzolio (R-Fayette) running unopposed in multiple races over his tenure.

Nozzolio, though, remains one of the most-popular legislators in New York State, as he racked up multiple wins by double-digit margins in contested races, and continued to serve as an ultra-effective legislator and champion for the Finger Lakes.

Baldridge believes that he can make a difference where past legislators have failed, though. Even as he has the support of his party, Baldridge in many ways, runs a campaign that is largely grassroots-oriented.

Supporters of Baldridge frequently point to that approachable attitude, which makes him an ideal candidate for voters looking for a more active politician on the ground. He has spoken multiple times at local council meetings, including one in Seneca Falls where he received a thunderous applause after voicing open-disagreement with the presence of Seneca Meadows Landfill in Seneca Falls.

A number of other issues are important to Baldridge, though, as he explained fostering a better business climate for the region – while embracing the ‘big picture’ approach for the Finger Lakes – is the ultimate goal. Baldridge doesn’t believe that one business should happen at the expense of another – which remains a major factor in his displeasure with landfilling operations in the Finger Lakes.

Like other candidates, Baldridge wants to see a more-favorable tax climate for those living in Upstate New York. Especially for small business owners in the Finger Lakes region, who frequently are forced to pay more if they want to remain in business. It’s something that has spurred some businesses to move out completely, which is something that greatly concerns Baldridge.

Watch the entire interview in the video window above. Inside the FLX airs Sunday’s at 7 pm on Time Warner Cable Channel 12 and is available in the iTunes Store here.

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