Inside the FLX: State Senate candidate Bobby Massarini talks issues, ballot reform, ‘doing right’ by 54th

If you want something different — if you want to see a change in Albany — Bobby Massarini wants your vote.

On Thursday’s edition of Inside the FLX Bobby Massarini, local business owner and New York State Senate candidate in the 54th District joined Josh Durso in-studio to discuss how he believes he can help impact the region in a positive way.

It starts with ballot reform. Something he didn’t believe needed serious reform until he was unexpectedly kicked off the Republican ticket due to a technicality. While he remains strong in wanting to repeal the SAFE Act, and believes that change needs to happen in order to foster business growth — there are consistencies that need to be seen across the board.

Taxes need to be lower, people need to not feel disenfranchised by their representatives, and businesses need to be encouraged to come to the region.

As owner of Lost Kingdom Brewery & Firehouse Distillery Massarini sees the growth potential in the Finger Lakes. The changes have to be tangible for those constituents in the 54th District, according to Massarini.

“I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a politician. I’m just a small business owner willing to offer his services.”

That’s the slogan on his campaign’s homepage and it’s become his calling card in recent weeks.

On Monday, Massarini learned that he was being removed from the ballot. On Thursday, he announced officially that he would launch a write-in campaign. “It will be a difficult task, but step one is building a team,” Massarini said. He has been successful in the past at mounting write-in campaigns with legitimacy, winning an election on a smaller scale in Pennsylvania in the early-90’s.

While the campaign looked bleak in the beginning of the week, his continued efforts to fight for the 54th District appear to be positioning him for a fight right up until the primary on Sept. 13.

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To get involved with Bobby Massarini’s campaign, or to see where he stands on every issue — visit his website at MassariniForStateSenate.com

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