Fire scare at American Legion in Waterloo caused by ‘butt can’

Update: FingerLakes1.com has learned that a fire was reported at the American Legion in Waterloo this afternoon. However, a can of cigarette butts tipped over outside a window, causing a piece of plywood to smolder, which led to the smoke entering the facility. According to Waterloo Police Chief Doyle L. Marquart the report, which prompted mutual aid from Seneca Falls, Border City, and Fayette was taken care of in short order.

The Waterloo Fire Department responded to the area of 7 East Williams Street in the Village of Waterloo. When FingerLakes1.com arrived on scene the Seneca Falls Fire Department, Border City Fire Department, Fayette Fire Department and the Waterloo Fire Department were gathered around the American Legion on East Williams Street.

Traffic was being diverted away from that section of East Williams. Traffic was stopped between the Waterloo Library to the corner of Virginia Street and East Williams Street.

Details from the incident have not been released yet, but FingerLakes1.com has reached out to the Waterloo Police Department for details on what prompted the multi-agency response to the East Williams Street-area. 

FingerLakes1.com will provide updates to this story throughout the day Tuesday as information becomes available.

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