OPINION: 54th Senate, GOP race narrowing

Rather through fault or foul our choices are narrowing. One potential has left the race another is facing a protracted battle verifying petition signatures. Of the standing candidates, look for ‘Character’. That comprehensive trait encompassing; will, competence, virtue, empathy, humility and perspective.

There is no better indication of a will to serve than one who has at personal risk. Look to the military veteran or law enforcement officer not one who claims the same adoration through affiliation. Competence is best derived from demonstrated results. Who has a record of owned, managed, business success, again at personal risk, and a record of irrefutable contributions while in public service. Virtue, empathy and humility are far more difficult to support than to deny. Eliminate those whose actions indicate the absence of either.

Perspective is paramount in politics. If the GOP candidate’s platform is merely being obstinate and not cognizant of the distribution of influence, he/she will be ineffective. Sure, we could count on the persistency of one vote. But once ostracized by peers, the opportunity of persuasion and legislation is denied. We should support the candidate who is capable of both, steadfast votes along conservative values while remaining viable in debate and legislation.

Let’s choose wisely.

John Sheppard
Waterloo, NY

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