Progress tour at del Lago; Babinski, Moran on Inside the FLX

Progress is coming fast, even if it may seem like a slow process to some eager job seekers hoping to land an opportunity at the del Lago Resort & Casino in Tyre.

The $440 million project means that 1,800 employees will need to be hired by the February 2017 opening date. Right now, the del Lago Resort & Casino team, which consists of just 12 official employees at the moment is getting the first wave of hiring underway.

On Thursday’s edition of Inside the FLX, del Lago Resort & Casino Executive Vice President and General Manager Jeff Babinski, alongside Senior Vice President of Human Resources Jerry Moran joined Josh Durso in-studio to talk about the hiring process, progress at the $440 million site, and much more.

Moran, a one-time native of the Finger Lakes, studied at Canisius College and found himself eager to return to the region he enjoyed earlier in his career. Babinski worked his way across the country at a multitude of gaming facilities, but had most-recently called St. Louis his home. Until the opportunity in Tyre presented itself.

“I had visited the area before and the moment I heard of the opportunity – I was interested,” explained Babinski. While both have ties to other places around the U.S., as their careers have moved them from region-to-region, there is a shared appreciation for the Finger Lakes, which is evident at first contact.

The two talked about the changes the industry has undergone over the last several decades. In the late-1980s when Moran started his career – he marveled over the slot attendants, who would be forced to carry large belts of coin, which could weigh as much as 45 lbs for players. Both attested to the biggest change being the technology that has made casinos more interactive, safer, and a place for everyone to enjoy.

Babinski explained that the role of a casino has really evolved from a place primarily focused on gaming – to a facility that is a full-scale entertainment center. Whether it’s a group of friends looking to unwind with a few drinks and dinner, or a group looking for some entertainment at The Vine, which will seat nearly 2,500 in Tyre – the industry has moved to a larger, more inclusive one that allows a multitude of patrons to enjoy these facilities.

Click HERE to watch a progress tour of the del Lago Resort & Casino.

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