FLX hospitals score no better than 3-stars on Medicare evaluation

The scores are in for hospitals across the Finger Lakes.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released ratings of more than 3,600 hospitals across the country — assigning them a rating of one- to five-stars. Proponents of the rating system say that it’s a way to give the consumer a simple way to measure a hospital. Opponents of the system, many of which are employees of hospitals, or hospital administrators say that the system doesn’t take into account important factors — like those hospitals that take on the toughest cases.

Opponents from outside the industry also say that the rating system reveals the socio-economic demographics of any given region, rather than addressing the quality of care an individual might receive at these institutions.

Those within the industry are calling on Congress, as well as President Obama to block the scores, citing that they make hospitals unnecessarily look bad when they take on these tougher medical cases.

Out of the 3,617 hospitals that were a part of the study — just 102 scored a five-star rating. None in the Finger Lakes region were among the five-star scorers. At the opposite end of the scale, 129 hospitals scored a one-star rating, which was the lowest on the scale. Only one hospital in the entire region — University Hospital in Syracuse — received a score of one.

The most-common scores for hospitals across the board were three- and two-star rated hospitals. While two hospitals in Rochester scored a four-star rating — Unity Hospital and Highland — all other local hospitals received a two- or three-star rating. Nationally, 2,259 hospitals received a two- or three-star rating.

The following hospitals in the Finger Lakes region received a two-star rating (below average):

  • Auburn Community Hospital
  • Geneva General Hospital
  • Newark-Wayne Community Hospital

The following hospitals in the Finger Lakes region received a three-star rating (average):

  • Cayuga Medical Center
  • Clifton Springs Hospital
  • F.F. Thompson Hospital
  • Soldiers & Sailors Hospital

Here is how the rest of the hospitals in the Rochester and Syracuse areas stacked up:

  • Strong Memorial Hospital: 3-star
  • Rochester General: 3-star
  • Crouse Medical: 2-star
  • St. Joseph’s: 3-star

Click here to see the complete list of results. Let us know in the comments below about your experience at area-hospitals and what you think of the latest measure to gauge performance of hospitals across the U.S.

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