FLX Politics: Dozen candidates considering run at 54th

At the end of May, a convention will be held to determine that nominee for the 54th Senate District here in New York. After Sen. Michael Nozzolio announced this winter that he would not seek re-election, the public began to wonder who or when someone might emerge.While two names have been made public, according to the Republican Committee Chairman in Canandaigua Doug Finch, who is overseeing the process – there are roughly a dozen individuals interested. He even added that those who have publicly announced are at no significant advantage in the process. “It does no good to announce publicly at this point,” Finch told FingerLakes1.com. “Conversations are happening right now with county leaders,” as county leaders from Cayuga, Wayne, Ontario, and Seneca all discuss potential candidates, Finch explained.He continued pointing out that it comes down to how well the candidate’s messages are received. Whether their ideas land or resonate with voters is something that will play a big role in determining who the official Republican candidate for the 54th Senate District will be. Thus far a financial planner from Webster, as well as a sitting supervisor in Lyons have both publicly announced their candidacy for the 54th District. Both have expressed concerns about how Upstate New York is treated at the state level.For Lyons Town Supervisor Brian Manktelow the problem is small town life getting crushed by the state and being forgotten at the state level. He explained in multiple interviews that small town life is being crushed by policies created in Albany.For John Tubridy, a member of the Town of Webster Republican Committee – and financial planner – his problem is with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. He has made ‘backing down’ Gov. Cuomo, as well as some of the policies that have been created, which hurt the Finger Lakes and Western New York – a priority in his campaign for the nomination.According to Finch, who previously served as Assemblyman Brian Kolb’s Chief of Staff – there are a lot of reasons a candidate might not want to make their name public just yet. “It’s a process and as conversations happen – viability becomes a reality,” he explained. He added that the process is a very personal one, as one of these dozen men will become one of the most-identifiable public servants in the Finger Lakes.For the candidates and the Republican Party as a whole, the next major date will be the convention, which will be held at the end of May. After a candidate is supported, the signature acquisition process will begin the first week of June. According to Finch, the deadline to file will be the second week of July.While many wondered if Sen. Nozzolio’s exit would allow a Democrat to make a strong run at winning the 54th District, the party has remained silent on whether any interest has been expressed.FLX Politics is a FingerLakes1.com feature by Lead News Editor Josh Durso. Reach him by email at [email protected].

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