CA man falsely reports bonfire incident

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office reports that on Saturday night deputies and the Hopewell Fire Department responded to 3268 State Route 5 in the Town of Hopewell for a “bonfire,” which was reportedly causing a nuisance of smoke in the roadway.Deputies say, Jared Kuzcma, 23, of Canandaigua called 911 reporting that he had driven through smoke in the roadway and wanted to report what he said was a “large bonfire.” When emergency responders arrived on scene, they found that the fire was far away from the road, not causing any poor conditions on State Route 5, and that there was no hazard associated with the fire.Upon further investigation deputies learned that the fire was being tended by a small gathering of people, and that Kuczma did not drive by the residence on State Route 5 like he had told the 911 center. Deputies also say that he had no knowledge of the smoke condition, and was upset with an individual who was at the gathering. He called emergency personnel to cause a disruption, and there was no need for emergency response.The investigation also determined that Kuczma only knew about the gathering through social media, and didn’t actually know about any of the specifics. He was arrested and charged with falsely reporting an incident in the third degree, a class A misdemeanor.He was released with an appearance ticket. He will appear before Hopewell Town Court at a later date to answer the charges.

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