Former Geneva councilwoman on her 16 years of service

Jackie Augustine joined Josh Durso on Inside the FLX on Thursday to discuss the state of her hometown. Augustine is a public servant at heart and it was evident from the moment she arrived on set. She talked about some of the things she enjoyed from her time on Geneva City Council, as well as some of the bigger picture issues she felt were important to Geneva residents.She spoke to the challenge in getting young people out to vote and the even bigger problem of getting young people involved in the political system. While she came up short in her race for Mayor of Geneva against Ron Alcock — she felt as though her involvement really moved the dialogue in the right direction and on a personal level — that was as important as an outright victory.One major theme in the interview, as well as Augustine’s overall political philosophy is that rule by committee wins every time over rule by individual. She also remembered what it was like entering city council straight out of college, something she is still very proud of to this day. In all, she served on Geneva City Council for 16 years but at this point has no immediate plans to get involved with politics again. She does, though, plan on staying involved with the community, and plans to remain active on the committees in Geneva that have become important to her. Her hope for Geneva is that the community, as well as elected officials will continue being mindful of their “position” in the region, county, and finance. She did remain hopeful that Geneva would become a little less “forgotten” in Ontario County and hoped that the new slate of elected officials are able to forge a better standing in the county for residents. While she now can serve Geneva in a different capacity, her philosophies, values, and vision are things that will remain community oriented — something she will continue using to evaluate the direction she feels is best for residents as a whole.Audio Version of Thursday’s episode of Inside the FLX:Be sure to check out the full-interview and let us know what issues are most-important to Geneva in the comment section below.

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