Selby cites “personal reasons” for exit as Auburn Manager

March 4th will mark the end of Doug Selby’s tenure as City Manager of Auburn. Selby cited “personal reasons” as being the determining factor in his decision to exit the city at this point in time. He has asked the Auburn City Council to allow him to exit his contract, long before it actually expires on March 4th, which will mean Selby will have served for 4.5 years as City Manager of Auburn. Ultimately, Auburn City Council will be the body that determines whether Selby will be able to walk away — but it would be unlikely for them to dissuade him from exiting. His letter of resignation was submitted to City Council on Friday, shortly after the initial reports began circulating that he would exit before his contract’s end.The one thing that isn’t clear right now is whether Selby will take on another role in another community as city manager. He expressed optimism regarding the future of Auburn, as well as his own future in Auburn. He pointed to staying on in a part-time capacity if the city would have him. He said of his exit that, “There’s no good time because the city’s always doing projects. There’s always issues. There’s always something going on.” While a lot of details are relatively unknown at this point, it seems clear that his motives are certainly personal. Whether that means stepping away from such an involved role, or simply stepping away to look for a different opportunity.That optimism he feels toward Auburn is spurred by the multitude of projects that are currently on the table. The public safety complex, which would involve construction on a hub that would service as many as 8 different entities within the safety space in Auburn, or the proposed repairs to the Hydroelectric Facility on North Division Street. FingerLakes1.com will update this story as more information becomes available and when Auburn City Council releases a statement on Doug Selby’s decision to step away from the city manager’s office.

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