Auburn approves turf at Holland Stadium

It might have taken 10 years but voters in Auburn’s Enlarged City School District finally voted to approve a $2.8 million plan, which included installing artificial turf on Holland Stadium. Over that period, there had been multiple votes, all of which saw the capital project be voted down.While the vote on selling West Middle School was a landslide coming in at 2,232 to 572, the vote on the turf field was significantly less decisive. The sale of the middle school will bring $1.06 million to the school district, which will see positive benefits for the whole district, according to the board.Voters decided in favor of a turf field at Holland Stadium by a vote of 1,586 to 1,214. While the margin of the vote looked small from the outside, this issue was something that many contended was being forced. At a community hearing, one resident described it as feeling like the turf field was being crammed down voters throats.While this was an incredibly polarizing debate, many who voted against the installation of a turf field at Holland Stadium said that it was time for change. The impact on taxpayers is expected to be about $5.61 per $100,000 appraised. It might seem like an incremental increase, but the bottom line is that there will be significant long-term impacts with the results coming in as they did.Supporters of the turf field point out that Auburn is not only one of the last districts to have a turf field in their area and class, but also points out that around 30 games could be played a year on the current field. Now though, a significantly larger number of games will be played on the field — with as many as 200 more games per year seeing action on the overhauled Holland Stadium playing surface.Stay tuned to FingerLakes1.com for more information on this story, as more information becomes available on the sale of the middle school, and installation of the new turf field at Holland Stadium.

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