Cuomo proposes NYS Thruway toll freeze

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced more of what New Yorkers can expect when he delivers his State of the State address on Jan. 13. He announced that a major part of his transportation plans, which was highlighted by an overall investment of $22 billion in roads and bridges.Part of that overall investment will be a $1 billion Thruway toll protection plan, which will carry a number of incremental steps over the next several years to ensure that motorists and businesses are able to maximize their potential in New York. The governor’s proposal was highlighted by a freeze on thruway tolls through 2020, as part of the $1 billion Thruway protection plan. In addition, he proposed a tax credit for those traveling on the thruway frequently. This tax credit would apply whether the motorists were passenger or commercial vehicles. He spoke in Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon urging New Yorker’s that the changes, “Will make a real difference in people’s pockets. It will make a difference in commuters’ pockets. It will make a difference in the pockets of business and make yet another loud statement to businesses that upstate New York is the place to do business.”In addition to the governor’s proposals announced on Wednesday, he spoke in Rochester on Tuesday, which was filled with proposals that would greatly benefit upstate New York. These included a downtown revitalization project, which would award $10 million to ten cities across upstate New York. Additionally, he proposed a $100 million award for water and sewer infrastructure. One measure announced on Tuesday would even establish a tax cut program, which would be exclusively for small businesses. Under the governor’s proposal, small businesses would be classified as any with fewer than 100 employees.He also proposed $30 million for public transportation, which would aid to improve an aging public transportation system in most upstate cities. The governor also pointed out that downstate politicians would likely be difficult to convince of this plan, but that it “is a political essential.”Check back to FingerLakes1.com for the latest news and updates on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s continued tour through upstate New York – leading up to his State of the State address on Jan. 13.

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