Sheriff Gould & Cayuga Indian Nation issue statements

Cayuga County Sheriff David Gould and Cayuga County District Attorney Jon Budelmann make the following announcement today in light of certain recent incidents and ongoing concerns arising from events happening within the Cayuga Nation of New York (Cayuga Indians): We stand committed to protecting all citizens equally under the law and ensuring the safety of the public, including members of the Cayuga Indian Nation. The criminal laws that apply throughout the State of New York apply with equal force and effect on properties owned by the Cayuga Nation of New York.  This includes any crimes involving dangerous or violent gatherings of persons or other similar conduct. We will also continue to investigate and prosecute crimes involving physical assaults and property damage crimes. This statement applies to all locations within Cayuga County, whether occurring on Cayuga Nation-owned properties or elsewhere. Be advised that the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office will investigate any incidents reported to them and, if reasonable cause to arrest is found to exist, will make any appropriate arrests. The Cayuga County District Attorney’s Office will prosecute all criminal arrests and offenses occurring within Cayuga County for any such crimes cognizable under the criminal laws of New York State. Shortly after the above released was received by FingerLakes1.com, a second release came in from the Cayuga Indian Nation in response. That statement is below… The Cayuga Nation of New York, through the leadership of federally recognized representatives Clint Halftown, Tim Twoguns, and Gary Wheeler, welcome District Attorney Budelmann’s and Sheriff Gould’s commitment to upholding the law on properties owned by the Cayuga Nation. We see this as the critical step toward a cooperative relationship in Cayuga County. In the days and weeks to come the Cayuga Nation hopes to put forward some ideas that will strengthen the relationship between the Cayuga Nation and Cayuga County.

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