Some SF residents experiencing issues with their water

Some Seneca Falls residents are experiencing issues due to some “flushing” of the system. Issues such as cloudy or whitish colored water, which is air in the system trying to make its way out. Another issue maybe yellowish/orange or brownish/orange colored water; this normal everyday sediment in the system, and will not harm you. Please avoid using the hot water if you are experiencing cloudy water. Drawing the cloudy water into your hot water tank will prolong the issue. Allow the “cold” water to run in one location for a short period of time to remove it from your system. The Town of Seneca Falls apologizes for the inconvenience and is working diligently to fully resolve these issues. The Town also appreciates the cooperation of all those effected. You may call the Water Department at 315-568-6211 or Seneca County Health Department at 315-539-1945.

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