NYCC has significant impact on FLX Region economy

Seneca Falls: With total payroll exceeding $26 billion for 394,400 direct, indirect, and induced jobs, New York’s Independent colleges and universities (private, not-for-profit) are a major source of jobs in all regions of New York State, according to a new economic analysis by the Center for Governmental Research (CGR) released today by the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU).New York Chiropractic College’s (NYCC) economic impact on the Finger Lakes Region is significant. In 2013, the College employed 330 people. Including spillover employment, this brings the total of those employed as a result of the College’s activities to 690. Considering all factors, the CGR puts NYCC’s economic impact at $67,610,000.New York’s Independent colleges and universities continue to be a major contributor to the New York State economy. This is particularly impressive in the current hyper-competitive higher education economy. “These schools have maintained enrollment in the face of declining numbers of high school grads and boost total research spending by 17 percent despite reductions in federal research investment,” said CDR’s chief research officer, Kent Gardner, who led the study.”New York State continues to depend on its higher education institutions to educate our next generation of leaders, as well as contribute to our future economic growth,” said CICU President Laura L. Anglin. “Playing the role of anchor tenants with communities around the state, the Independent Sector educates hundreds of thousands of students while also providing jobs and significant fiscal impact for the communities where they are located. Throughout the state, our campuses are significant contributors to both economy and community.”“While our focus is on education, we are particularly proud of our ongoing contribution to the Finger Lakes Region, which has been our home since 1991,” said NYCC president, Dr. Frank J. Nicchi. “The decision to move from Long Island to Seneca Falls was a good one for the College and we are gratified that our presence in the community that has become our home provides strong support for the local economy.” New York Chiropractic College delivers an exceptional, leading-edge chiropractic education offering an integrated curriculum that combines a unique balance of art, science and philosophy. Our innovative graduate programs in acupuncture and oriental medicine, nutrition, and human anatomy and physiology instruction help meet the skyrocketing demand for trained practitioners and educators.

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