Bitter Cold Settles In

Temperatures this morning are mostly in the upper single digits and low teens across the Finger Lakes. Temperatures near and below zero are just to the northeast of the region.Our temperatures should continue to drop as cold air continues to filter in. Our normal daytime heating will attempt to counter act this, and afternoon temperatures should rebound to a similar level as what they are at this morning.One nice thing about today will be the lack of lake effect snow. On the surface, it may seem like a perfect day for lake effect, with bitter cold air flowing across the relatively warm lake waters. However, winds at the surface are blowing at a different direction than winds just above the surface. The winds continue to change direction throughout the layer of the atmosphere that lake effect forms in. These differing winds disrupt the sensitive lake effect machine and effectively tear apart any snow bands that attempt to form. Expect nothing more than a flurry today, if that.An area of low pressure will track across the Mid Atlantic today as it strengthens and brings a significant snow to DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia and surrounding areas. While we will not see any snow from this, the storm will act to increase our winds overnight and into early tomorrow morning. With temperatures below zero for most of the region, our wind chills will begin to get quite low again.The lowest wind chills will likely stay east of our region, where it will both be colder and windier. Most of the Finger Lakes should have wind chills getting down to -20º. This is cold enough for frostbite in 30 minutes. While not as dangerous as the wind chills further east, this is another cold outbreak that should be taken seriously with some basic precautions: don’t travel without a way to keep warm (in case of dead car batteries), leave a faucet dripping to prevent frozen pipes, bring your pets in, and other such tips you’ve already heard many times this winter.Stay warm!

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