Straw Poll Vote Is Wednesday-March 22nd

Confusion in Seneca Falls. Late last week supporters of a proposed ethanol plant announced a non-biding straw poll to be held tomorrow March 22nd. That group mailed fliers to every home in the village and town. Yesterday a second flier arrived in the mail from those opposed to the ethanol plant being built on the Auburn Road just northeast of the village. That flyer said the vote was March 23rd. That was a miss-print according to those responsible for the information. They say a third flyer will be mailed out correcting the date. Those in favor of the plant claim the misprint was intentional and made to confuse voters, adding a third flier will most likely not reach voters before tomorrow’s straw poll. Seneca Falls Town and Village residents have the opportutunity Wednesday to vote “Yes or No” on the question of whether the town should rezone land off the Auburn Road to allow the ethanol plant to be built if there is an Environmental Impact Statement which sufficently address the concerns identified by the town board and community. Voting is set for Noon to 9pm Wednesday at the Seneca Falls Community Center.


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