Potter Highway Barn Catches Fire

Last night around 4:30 pm, the town of Potter highway barn caught fire and was seriously damaged. This barn is in the hamlet of Potter Center on State Rt.364. From several witnesses there was first a loud explosion then the barn filled with black smoke. Several fire departments responded including Potter, Rushville, Middlesex, Penn Yan. When I first got there in a pumper from Rushville the fire was 10 – 15 feet above the top of the building near the front part where the town clerk’s office is. The fireman cut a hole in the large overhead door and hooked it with a chain and pulled it off. They then broke a window out of one truck, took it out of gear and pushed it out the door. There was serious damage to the building. It was a metal quansit barn built in the late 1950’s. I have not heard if it will be a total loss but my first guess would be that it would be cheaper to start over. From what I saw there were three trucks and a payloader inside. One is definately destroyed, the others will need some serious work. Wilson Simmons, who sent in this report, is a volunteer firefighter for the Rushville Fire Department and was on the scene Monday evening. He also writes a weekly Outdoors column that runs on FingerLakes1.com every Thursday.


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