Waterloo 13-Year Old Escapes From Detention Facility

The Waterloo 13-year old charged in connection with brutally attacking a 15 year old while he fished along the Cayuga-Seneca Canal this week escaped yesterday from the Ontario County juvenile detention center. Waterloo Village Police say the 13-year old-who has not been identified-was in family court yesterday afternoon. While being transported back to Hopewell , he began to fight with probation officers. The boy kicked and spit on the officers. While at the detention center he escaped yesterday and hitchhiked back home to Waterloo . Last night about 8:30pm, Waterloo Village Police and Seneca County Probation Department officers went to the juvenile’s home and took him back into custody. The 13-year old has been charged with attempted assault, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and public lewdness in connection with an incident Tuesday night. The victim told Waterloo police he was fishing in the canal when he was approached by the 13 year old, whom he did not know. He says the attacker threw rocks at him, striking him several times, urinated on him and stabbed him in the knee several times with a sharp object.


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