Nozzolio Announces $350k For SF Canal Harbor

As a continuation of the canal revitalization project started in 1998, New York State Senator Michael F. Nozzolio (R-Fayette) announced today that he has secured an additional $350,000 in state funding for the Seneca Falls Canal Harbor project. In 1998, Senator Nozzolio worked to secure over $1 million in state funds for the opening of the first significant project on the Barge Canal system.This additional state funding brings Senator Nozzolio’s total financial support for the Canal Harbor project to more than $1.3 million.”I’m very pleased that I was able to deliver this critical state funding and continue my commitment to the redevelopment of the Seneca Falls Harbor,” said Senator Nozzolio. “At a time when there is a resurgence of interest in our canal’s history and it’s potential for tourism, it is even more important that Seneca Falls have the most up to date and welcoming harbor possible”.The funds will be used to make significant improvements to the southside of the canal wall in the Village of Seneca Falls. Improvements will include additional lighting, landscaping and walkways for pedestrians.“The Seneca Falls community is extremely grateful for Senator Nozzolio’s continued interest in our canal harbor,” said Mayor Diana Smith. “The Board of Trustees thanks Senator Nozzolio for his leadership, vision and faith in our community and its future.”Anthony Petroccia, Third Ward Trustee for the Village of Seneca Falls said, “The development of the Canal Harbor is an important aspect of the continuing revitalization of the Village of Seneca Falls. Senator Nozzolio deserves our thanks for securing this funding and for continuing to make the Canal Harbor project in Seneca Falls a top priority.”Tut Campese, Second Ward Trustee for the Village of Seneca Falls said “This funding is another great example of Senator Nozzolio’s commitment to the Village of Seneca Falls and to the Canal Harbor project. The continued improvement of the canal harbor will be a tremendous asset to the community and I thank Senator Nozzolio for his efforts in securing such a substantial grant.”Phil Dressing, First Ward Trustee for the Village of Seneca Falls said, “Development of our canal front is a critical component of our health and growth as a community. Much has already been accomplished with funds secured on our behalf by Senator Nozzolio. Speaking for our residents and visitors, I am grateful that the Senator has been able to secure additional funds to allow this important work to continue.”“Increased utilization of our canals and waterways will drive business growth and create new jobs. New York State is at the forefront of these economic opportunities and developing the canal’s potential is a way to capitalize on our area’s natural resources and beauty,” continued Nozzolio, a member of the New York State Senate Committees on Tourism and Transportation.This funding will support additional recreational uses of the network of waterways which span the Finger Lakes region. The Seneca Falls harbor is considered the boating gateway for the Barge Canal system to the Finger Lakes.


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