Nozzolio Issues Statement on Land Claim

STATEMENT BY SENATOR MICHAEL F. NOZZOLIO:The Seneca and Cayuga County Boards have both voted not to support the November 17, 2004 settlement agreement proposed by Governor Pataki and the Cayuga Indians.Because neither the Seneca County Board of Supervisors or the Cayuga County Legislature approved the specific settlement proposal which is under consideration, I will vote to oppose any legislation that comes before the New York State Senate that reflects this specific settlement proposal.This decision is consistent with my long stated position that any proposed settlement of the Cayuga Indian Land claim must have the support of both the Cayuga County Legislature and the Seneca County Board of Supervisors.It is extremely gratifying that both Cayuga and Seneca Counties have expressed their support of my efforts to collect sales tax on goods tonon-Native Americans. However, due to the opposition of both Cayuga and Seneca counties to the specific settlement proposal, I will be votingagainst this measure if it comes before the State Senate.


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