Community Invited as Seneca Falls Plans Future

As part of the town and village of Seneca Falls’ Comprehensive Planning process, community members are invited to share their thoughts and ideas about the future of Seneca Falls at a special Community Planning Workshop on Monday, September 27th. For the convenience of community members, two workshop times are offered: 2:00 to 4:00 pm or 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Both workshops will be held at the Seneca Falls Community Center, 35 Water Street.The purpose of the workshops is to identify the thoughts, opinions, hopes and aspirations of the citizens of Seneca Falls. These ideas will be incorporated into the new comprehensive plan under development by the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. The new plan, the first in Seneca Falls since 1969, will serve as a blueprint to guide physical growth, economic growth, and community development over the next twenty years. The September 27th workshops will be facilitated by Nan Stolzenburg, chief consulting planner, AICP, founder and CEO of Community Planning and Environmental Associates (CP&EA). During the workshop sessions, Stolzenburg will lead participants through several activities to identify issues that will influence future development. The workshops will give residents an opportunity express their opinions on topics such as land use, zoning, types of businesses, parks and recreation, environmental concerns, and tourism. Participants will work in small groups in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the town and village. Together attendees will develop a unified vision statement for the future of the community. Refreshments will be served.Stolzenburg said, “It is important that the new comprehensive plan is developed to address issues of concern to the residents, land owners and businesses in Seneca Falls. The strength of such a plan comes when its development has involved a diversity of people. This workshop is a great opportunity to get lots of people involved. Everyone’s input is important and will contribute towards the success of the plan.” The Seneca Falls Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee is comprised of community representatives from both the town and village. Committee members include: David Bellomo, Fran Caraccilo, Gilbert DiMaio, Adriene Emmo, Patrice Giansante, Madeline Hansen, Maria Hartwell, Herbert Holden, James Horton, Charles Kelsey, Ralph Lott, Jennifer Morrell, Susan Noble, Joseph Peone, Anthony Petroccia, Donald Ritter, Paul Wenderlich, Peter Wormuth, and Donald Verzillo.Steering Committee Chair Fran Caraccilo emphasized the importance of attending the September 27th community workshops, “These workshops provide the people of Seneca Falls with an opportunity to help shape the future of our community. Their opinions will make an impact on the process, but only if they participate.”For more information please contact Fran Caraccilo at 315-568-6894 or visit the following website: www.planningbetterplaces.com/senecafalls.html


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