When SU Fans Speak- Time Warner Listens!

Seneca and Cayuga County Time Warner Finger Lakes cable subscribers will now enjoy all the Syracuse University Basketball games from the comfort of their own homes.Time Warner Spokesman Brian Wirth announced this morning that they have made special arrangements to provide 7-of the Syracuse basketball games, which will be broadcast by the WB16 WRWB in Rochester, to cable customers in Seneca and Cayuga counties.S.U. fans will see games starting tomorrow on cable channel 7. The channel is currently missing from the local line-up, but when games are broadcast, Time Warner will insert Rochester’s WB16 onto channel 7 for Seneca and Cayuga counties. The games which will be seen on channel 7 are Boston College (1/10), Seton Hall (1/20), Virginia Tech (1/31), Providence (2/7), Rutgers (2/10), Miami (2/14), and West Virginia (3/2).Seneca and Cayuga County S.U. fans missed Wednesday’s game against St. Johns because Time Warner Cable has agreements to provide the WB43 from Syracuse to Seneca and Cayuga counties.That station doesn’t broadcast S.U. games. The rest of Time Warner Finger Lakes subscribers receive the WB16 Rochester signal.FingerLakes1.com brought the problem to the attention of Time Warner and Rochester WB16 officials early Thursday morning.The rest of the Syracuse basketball season will be seen on ESPN, ESPN 2 or CBS-TV.


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