Seneca Falls Cayuga Indian Store Open for Business

The Cayuga Indian Tribe is open for business at Lakeside Trading on the corner of Route 89 and Garden St. Extension in Seneca Falls this morning. The re-opened store is selling cigarettes and other goods tax free out of the former Quckway store. Gasoline is not yet available but Clint Halftown told our Greg Cotterill that the pumps would be flowing tomorrow. The tribe is selling cartons of Marlboro cigarettes for $28.15, Camel Filters for $27.95, Newports for $27.00, USA Gold for $21.25 and several other name brands all tax free. Meanwhile a protest is being planned for Saturday, October 18th from 9:00 to 11:00 AM by the Upstate Citizens for Equality and J & T’s Store in Seneca Falls is handing out ‘Boycott Cayuga Tribal Enterprises’ bumper stickers.

Click below for videos of Clint Halftown talking baout the new store:

Video I – Halftown discusses gas they will provide tax-free (WMP) Video II – Halftown discusses the tax-free store (WMP)

Photos and Videos by Greg Cotterill for FingerLakes1.com


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