Today Starts Emergency Preparedness Week

The Emergency Preparedness Educational Institute, an Illinois not-for-profit organization has declared September 7-13, 2003 as National Emergency Preparedness WeekSM. This week is designed to inspire businesses, government agencies, and families to take the time to prepare and review plans, supplies and emergency items that will be needed in an emergency or disaster at home, in their neighborhood, community, or workplace.Norris Beren, Executive Director, with 30 years of risk reduction experience, says, “In a widespread disaster/emergency situation, the employee’s first response will be to look after his family and home”. Beren continued, “…because of the threat of terrorist activities, natural disasters and now the power outage exposure of the Northeast, the need for emergency preparedness planning and training takes on a greater importance. People need to:Create an emergency plan for their families Establish communications procedures and meeting places Arrange back-up plans for their work commute Be able to access news and information Practice evacuations plans at home and work Arrange plans for children left at school, daycare or home alone in an emergencyStore emergency supplies, food, clothing, shelter, and equipment Know how to relay messages to family members, get access to money, fuel, fresh batteries, transportation and other important necessities The Emergency Preparedness Educational Institute was formed to help people learn how to prepare for a disaster at home, in the workplace and the community. In a new book and planning guide published by the Institute, When Disaster Strikes Home, 101+ Ways to Protect Your Family from Unthinkable Emergencies, Beren shows families how to prepare for the worst. The simple guide gives families the “emergency edge” by providing solutions, checklists, forms and ideas so they can create their own personalized plans and feel safer and more confident. The book is now available at www.getprepared.org in English and will be available in Spanish in October. For a free report on 50 Ways To Get Prepared, call 877 670 7444 or e-mail [email protected]. Further information is available at (toll free) – 877 670 7444; fax: 847 670 7466 or by e-mail: [email protected].


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