Retiring with honor in Steuben County

A man with 30 years of experience, in a challenging and dangerous occupation, was honored by the Steuben County Legislature and his department Monday (Dec. 17).

Steuben County Captain Christopher Hand began his career in 1988 under Sheriff Jerry Dartt, and has been instrumental in the development of, and operations at, the current county Public Safety Building on Rumsey Street Extension in Bath. Since then Hand has served under six different county sheriffs.

According to current county Sheriff Jim Allard, Hand’s accomplishments during the past 30 years include the transition from the former jail on Mount Washington Road to its new location and expansion, the addition of cameras, computers, card access, records management software, housing of federal inmates, accreditation, inmate work programs, jail gardens, most recently the canine rehabilitation-inmate SPIRIT program.

“You have served the citizens of Steuben County for over thirty years in a challenging and dangerous occupation, witnessing the best and the worst that humanity had to offer,” Allard said, in awarding Hand the county Sheriff’s Office Career Achievement Award. “You served through periods in which the challenges of the jail were met without adequate resources, without personal recognition and sometimes without respect from the community.

“You have worked tirelessly to help keep the citizens of Steuben County safe from those who were unable to control themselves,” Allard said.

“Your leadership is reflected not only in your rank, but in the respect you have earned from your co-workers. I am proud to know you and proud to be the Sheriff that has the privilege of recognizing your accomplishments and service.”

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