Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine one of top schools in the world

An adorable little baby Baltimore Oriole simply left its nest far too soon. A screech owl has a problem with its eye and a fisher is undergoing a physical exam to see where and if she’s injured after being hit by a car.

All of these wild animals are taken care of at the Wildlife Health Center at Cornell University. It’s the only academic wildlife center place in all of Upstate New York and takes care of one thousand wild animals every year, with the constant goal of releasing all of them back to the wild. It also regularly reminds people how they can also help before animals come here in the first place.

“We see a lot of severe trauma, mostly from cars. A lot of predator attacks, which are mostly domestic pets,” says Dr. Sara Childs-Sanford.

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University is consistently ranked as one of the best vet schools in the world.
In addition to its wildlife center, there are three top notch hospitals that you could easily assume are for humans, but are instead dedicated solely to animals.

One is the Companion Animal Hospital where people can bring there four legged friends. It offers rare services such dermatology, oncology and dentistry.

“If an animal needs a route canal or even braces, they can offer those sort of services,” says Dr. James Flanders.
Lillie Goodrich was recently the companion animal hospital’s most regular patient for an entire year.

“I’d rather come where the best care can be with the most up to date thinking so we can get the good results that we need,” says Goodrich.

She runs the Glen Highland border collie rescue and comes all the way to Ithaca from out near Cooperstown to get her dogs looked at so they can get ready to go up for adoption.

“This is also our emergency care for completaced cases so we’re driving two hours as fast as we can sometimes to have the best care at our fingertips with really really difficult situations. You just can’t get that ind of care locally, you just can’t.”

Cornell is widely known for its work with horses. These horses are owned by the university and allow students to work on medical issues and even help deliver newborn colts and fillys, before working on privately owned animals. Cornell is so respected for it’s work with horses, not only will it treat professional race horses on site, but experts with the school will also travel to races like the Belmont Stakes to perform tests for illegal drugs.

This is just one of the many areas the veterinary school shines in to provide the next generation of physicians.
“We have more specialists then any practice, certainly in New York,” says Dr. Flanders.

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