Refuge of Visionaries: Ithaca City of Asylum’s 15th anniversary

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Yi Ping and his wife, Lin Zhou, boarded a bus for Ithaca at the Port Authority in Manhattan. Ping had recently been selected as the Ithaca City of Asylum’s (ICOA) first exiled writer-in-residence and was on his way with Zhou to their new home. Yet when their bus reached the Lincoln Tunnel, it was closed due to the attacks on the World Trade Center, and they were returned to the station.

Meanwhile Bridget Meeds, who founded ICOA with Anne Berger, was waiting for the couple at Ithaca’s bus station just in case they’d made it out of the city. As she was sitting at the terminal, listening to the news unfold on the radio, a thought struck her: “When towns and cities across the world were closing their doors and bridges and airports, Ithaca was standing there with its arms wide open.”

It was clear that Ithaca was suited to be a city of asylum for exiled writers…

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