The Seneca County 4-H Dog Club classes a success

Seneca County 4-H held a series of dog obedience classes this summer.  4-H volunteer, Cindy Swift, helped participants learn basic commands to use with their canine partners.  Youth and dogs of differing ages and backgrounds took part in the lessons.

The final class of the series was held at the Seneca County Fair.  Judge Jackie Denson evaluated the dogs as they performed heel, sit, down, stay, and figure eight!  All the dogs that participated received a ribbon.  The dog with the highest score was declared Best in Show!  The special purple rosette went to a small dog named Sophie and her 4-H partner, Abigail!

4-H parent, Kathy Wheeler, shared, “In just a few weeks together, Cindy Swift has been a mentor for Abigail.  I appreciate the focus and leadership skills that I see Abbey developing as well as how to recover from mistakes.  These are such important qualities for life.”  Her daughter Abbey, who has been training two dogs, said, “I love the special time with Sophie and working with Henry is fun.  It is different working with the two because Henry is a puppy.  It makes me feel good to know I can help my sister by teaching Henry good manners and tricks.”


The 4-H Dog Club will continue to meet this coming 4-H year.  The group will gather once a month to learn about and with their dogs.  Projects they are excited about trying include geocaching with their dogs and making fleece dog toys for a service project.

If you are interested in learning more about the dog group or 4-H in general, please contact Susan at the 4-H Office at 315-539-9251 or email [email protected].  4-H is a part of Cornell Cooperative Extension Seneca County and is open to youth ages 5 to 19.

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