Auburn, Owasco Thursday water samples detect no algal toxins

Results from Thursday, Oct. 6 samples of water from the town of Owasco and city of Auburn’s treatment plant showed no detectable levels of blue-green algae toxins. The results came back Friday afternoon from the Wadsworth Center, the state Department of Health’s laboratory in Albany, which has been conducting the analysis on a regular basis. The highest levels of detection... more

Low algae toxin levels reported for latest Owasco, Auburn water tests

The Cayuga County Health Department on Sunday night reported detectable blue-green algae toxin levels for treated public water tested Friday and Saturday. Treated water from the Auburn system showed 0.17 and 0.19 micrograms of toxins per liter in water sampled Friday and 0.19 micrograms per liter in Saturday testing. The Auburn Citizen – News: Read More more

What is blue-green algae, and why is it a problem?

Blue-green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, is a filmy, paint-like scum that has been discovered on many water bodies across the country in recent years. Combinations of warm water and higher levels of nutrients, including nitrogen and phosphorous, allow the algae to proliferate. Sometimes the algae contains toxins, called microcystins. Toxic blooms are known as harmful algal blooms, or HABs,... more

Owasco Lake watershed inspectors hope new signs will keep streams clean

Owasco Lake is like the trunk of a tree, said Andrew Snell, a watershed specialist for the lake. Into that tree are tons of branches, which Snell compares to tributaries — streams that feed into the lake. And what those branches carry into the main trunk or water body affects the overall health of the system. The problem, Snell said,... more

SLPWA to release Keuka Outlet study results

The public is invited to learn the results of monitoring of the Keuka Outlet into Seneca Lake. Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association, along with the Community Science Institute in Ithaca, began monitoring the outlet in July 2015. It is the largest tributary to Seneca Lake and the only outlet from Keuka Lake. It flows northwest from Penn Yan to Dresden,... more

Finger Lakes Land Trust reports on algae threat

The Finger Lakes Land Trust recently released a report highlighting the threat of toxic algae and sprawling development on the region’s land and water resources, and calling for an investment of $100 million over the next decade to address these threats. The report, “Lakes, Farms, & Forests Forever,” is based on a year-long comprehensive assessment of the region’s natural resources... more

New York state’s promised $600,000 on blue-green algae research on Owasco Lake delivered

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced Tuesday that the state's promise of $600,000 made last year to study algal blooms and implement pollution reduction projects in the Owasco Lake watershed has been delivered. The funds… The Auburn Citizen – News: Read More more

Schumer pushing for funds to battle blue-green algae

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer went to Standing Stone Vineyards on Friday to say he will argue for $1.6 billion in federal funds to battle the growth of dangerous, toxic blue-green algae in Seneca Lake and other upstate bodies of water. Schumer said he is urging the Senate Appropriations Committee putting together a 2017 federal budget to include an additional $1.6... more

DEC forming Finger Lakes watershed team

Prompted by the increase in harmful blue-green algae blooms, the state Department of Environmental Conservation is establishing the Finger Lakes Water Hub, a multi-region watershed team that will address Finger Lakes water-quality issues. The DEC also announced a $600,000 initiative with Cayuga Community College in Auburn and others to study algae blooms and undertake pollution-reduction projects in the Owasco Lake... more
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