Public Safety Announcement: New intercity bus terminal

The Ithaca Police Department would like to remind our residents and visitors that the bus terminal for intercity bus trips is located in the 100 block of East Green Street next to the Tompkins County Public Library. This means that bus trips into Ithaca from other parts of the state and country on carriers such as Shortline and Coach USA will pick up and drop off at this new location. Buses no longer stop at the former Greyhound bus terminal at 710 West State Street.

Several times recently IPD officers have assisted family members in locating their loved ones because they thought the terminal was still on West State Street. This becomes even more important because of the cold winter temperatures. If you are coming to Ithaca on a bus and need to be picked up please remember to arrange to be picked up at the bus terminal in the 100 block of East Green Street. Of course please call police if you are lost or otherwise need assistance. We’ll be glad to help.

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