Discussions to remove 500+ ‘I Love NY’ signs along Thruway ongoing; millions on the line

Peppered along Interstate 90, the big, blue “I Love NY” signs are hard to miss.

Shlomo Goldman of Israel noticed the signs as he made his way from Niagara Falls, passing through Rochester to Lake George.

"I was curious to read what’s in it and identified with I love New York, and it was very nice. I saw them along the road,” Goldman said. “I love New York; it’s true. I love New York; it’s a lovely place.”

13WHAM found one of the signs near the Leroy exit on I-90. We were curious if the sign in fact did what it was designed to do – entice drivers to explore all that New York has to offer.

Richard Bolognani was driving through Rochester back home to Whitingham, Vermont and saw the signs.

“To me, they didn’t stand out, or would make us want to pull over or anything that I could think of,” said Bolognani.

New numbers that recently came out from the state show tourism in the Finger Lakes region increased in 2017 compared to the previous year by more than 57,000 people visiting the area.

Visit Rochester CEO Don Jeffries said traveler spending in the region increased 2.4 percent in 2017.

“The signs, I think they’ve been helpful,” Jeffries said. “It’s been interesting though, because I think there has been more publicity about the argument between the feds and the state then there has been about the signs."

Jeffries stopped short to say if that boost had to do with the signs.

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