New York’s electric infrastructure in need of modernization, report says

New York’s aging electric infrastructure is inadequate to the carry the load of the state’s increasingly complex generation resources, and it could require multibillion-dollar modernization.

The organization that manages New York’s electric grid — the New York Independent System Operator — delivered the assessment in its annual report released Thursday morning. The 64-page document outlines strategies to cope with the state’s thirst for juice in an industry facing upheaval.

“It cannot be understated: this is a time for great transition for the power grid,” reads the opening statement of the report.

As the state increasingly relies on more distributed generation capacity, particularly from renewable sources such as wind and solar, demands on the electric transmission backbone will be dramatically altered.

That’s why a thorough modernization of the wires that carry bulk electricity from the generation point to the utility distribution point is needed, particularly from Utica east to Albany, and south through the Hudson Valley.

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