What is the GNRC?

Beginning in 2018, the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center (GNRC) launched a new marketing campaign and rebranding initiative designed to showcase stories from Geneva residents that promote neighborhood connectivity, opportunity, and inclusivity. The marketing materials reinforce the office mission to assist residents in creating vibrant neighborhoods through projects that build on strengths, overcome challenges and bring community members together to accomplish their own vision through their eyes. To achieve this, the campaign focuses on sharing the experiences of neighbors while also informing citizens on what the GNRC really is and how the GNRC can be a resource for the community. The versatile rebranding brings a fresh look to explaining office’s work and established an innovative way for the GNRC to share community information with residents.

The campaign started with language around the office’s work and morphed into posters, brochures, to webisode conversations staring active Geneva neighbors on a show called “Coffee Chat with Leslie and Pat” and to our “Testimonial Tuesdays.” The GNRC had an identity that needed to be shared and understood by more of our residents with more visibility, providing a brief glimpse into the goals and purpose of the office. All of this works shares additional details in different mediums on the five main purposes of the GNRC; to build leadership, inform, share responsibility, build relationships, and have fun.

According to Allison Magnarelli, GNRC intern and William Smith senior, “this marketing campaign has been a great way for our office to gain visibility and share the positive stories experienced in Geneva. A lot of people are not sure what services the GNRC offers, so hopefully this will change once more people start noticing our posters and videos. When I first started at the GNRC office in the Fall, I had no idea how many programs, resources and connections this office has to all of Geneva.”

For more information, please contact Rhonda Destino, Director of Communications and Engagement at [email protected] or (315) 828-6588. www.http://cityofgenevany.com/gnrc/

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