Man faces multiple charges including assault after hours-long standoff with police in Auburn

The Auburn man who fled onto a roof and was standing off with police for several hours on Sunday has been charged with third-degree criminal possession of a weapon first-degree attempted robbery and second-degree assault after the incident that unfolded.

Bradley Strange, 33, was wanted by New York State Parole and when police were called to the scene around 10:50 a.m. Strange was on a roof, and a 75-year-old robbery victim was at a nearby hospital.

The robbery took place near the rooftop where he fled to, according to police. The 75-year-old man suffered lacerations from a knife, which was used by Strange.

The remainder of the incident unfolded at 51 Orchard Street, according to police. As officers were attempting to interview residents, Strange exited an upstairs window and went onto the roof. He refused to comply with commands t come down, and the standoff began.

Around 7:53 p.m. Strange jumped from a neighbor’s roof, and attempted to escape. He was take into custody moments later without further incident.

The subsequent investigation determined that the victim had been approached by the suspect at his residence outside the city, asking for a ride due to the cold. The 75-year-old victim obliged and stated that upon getting into the city, the suspect advised him to pull over.

At this point the suspect pulled a knife and demanded the victim’s wallet and money.

Anyone with additional information about this incident is urged to call Detective Bergenstock at (315) 258-9880.

Watch the escape attempt in the video shared to Facebook below (warning: NSFW-Language)…

Photos below by Jim Gadsby


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