Tompkins County experiences best sales tax month, quarter and year

Tompkins County Finance Director Rick Snyder presented the county sales tax report Tuesday, showing favorable results for 2017.

The county’s share of receipts for 2017 totaled $35,262,872 — 6 percent above receipts for 2016 and more than $1.8 million dollars above budget, said Marcia Lynch, Tompkins County spokeswoman.

Reconciled fourth-quarter receipts were up by 9 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, a news release stated. More than $3.9 million in receipts for December and more than $9.3 million during the fourth quarter represented the strongest showings of their types ever.

“This is not only the best December, but the best quarter and the best year that we have on record,” Snyder said during a Tompkins County Legislature meeting on Tuesday.

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