FLL 360: Annual fall pilgrimage to the Cider Mill in Endicott (blog)

Pressing apples for apple cider drinking and then fermenting the remaining juice to be used as apple vinegar for cooking purposes is a bit of Americana that most folks today have all but forgotten. We used to do it on the farm where I grew up in northern Ohio in the fifties. By brother and I would gather up the apples in the orchard that had fallen to the ground and then we would fill up eight to ten burlap sacks with the fallen apples. No worry if there was a rotten spot in the apple – you just flicked the bad spot out with your finger. The apples were taken to a cider mill that ground up the apples and then pressed them into juice. The freshly squeezed juice was pumped into a 50 gallon wooden barrel and the barrel loaded onto the truck and taken home and placed in the cellar where it slowly began to ferment.

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