MRB Group donates water to Puerto Rico

Members of the MRB Group team worked together to help those in need in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria crippled most of the island’s infrastructure, including severely reducing access to potable water for many of its residents.

“As the firm that designs and supports vital drinking water systems for many of the communities in our region, we understand the need to help those affected by the storm,” said Ryan Colvin, President of MRB Group.

“Water is a critical, lifesaving need – and we want to help” he continued.
With a principal focus on municipal services, MRB Group provides local governments with professional engineering support for day-to-day operations including water and wastewater treatment, and public works services. Colvin noted that no amount of advance preparation could prevent the devastating impacts of a catastrophic event like hurricane Maria. “We are glad to lend a hand,” he concluded.

In coordination with the New York State Troopers, the water donated by MRB Group will be transported from the Rochester Airport to Puerto Rico later this week. Colvin expressed gratitude to Hertz Rent-a-car, located at the Rochester Airport, who supported the effort through donation of a truck to transport the water to the collection area.

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