UPDATE: Would fleet management save Seneca Falls money? Presenter says ‘yes’

It all comes down to reducing operating costs and saving the Town money.

Fleet management is something that more municipalities — big and small — are turning to, as they look at how to handle aging, and increasingly expensive fleets of vehicles.

On Tuesday, the Town Board received a presentation from Enterprise Fleet Management, an affiliate of car rental company Enterprise Holdings, which provides comprehensive fleet management for municipalities at lower cost through a leasing program.

Admittedly, representatives from Enterprise said that the lease is not a traditional one. “It’s a lease based on usage, so rather than purchase a vehicle outright — you’re only leasing the vehicle for the period of time you own it.”

Enterprise PR later clarified those remarks, pointing out that the town would only pay for the vehicle for the period of time they use it.


Enterprise works with Seneca County currently with their fleet management plan, and is in the process of saving them thousands. Over the course of several years, representatives of Enterprise say that it would save Seneca Falls tens-of-thousands of dollars.

It wouldn’t be a complete flip, though. The process used would be a phase-in methodology. “Get out of your vehicle while it still has value,” explained the rep, who had a number of years with Enterprise, and started as a low-level employee in Buffalo.

He highlighted the following points within the plan:

– Reduce operating costs to the Town;
– Cycle out vehicles while they still have value;
– Understand what costs are going to be on an annual basis;
– Get upkeep expenses under control.

As an example, the Town could expect to spend about $20,000 less per year on vehicles directly — as result of a lease-over-buy scenario through Enterprise.

Seneca Falls Town Police Department vehicles were the ones used throughout the presentation, as examples of future cost. However, it was not clarified whether a fleet management plan would extend out beyond the police department.

Representatives from Enterprise Fleet Management note, as the presenter did that night, that programs can extend beyond police vehicles.

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