With city support, Canandaigua’s Steamboat Landing project chugs along

The stalled Steamboat Landing project on the northern tip of Canandaigua Lake has generated plenty of derisive nicknames from locals frustrated by the steel skeleton that’s hovered over the beachfront since construction stopped in 2015.

As they see it, “Pigeon Landing” or “the Birdcage” or “Eyesore Landing” has taxed the community’s patience enough and it’s time for developers who have struggled to find financing to either move forward or find someone else that will.

“If they could just finish it, it would be great,” said Pat Baraclough of Canandaigua, walking his dog Mojo in Kershaw Park on a recent weekday. “It would be a great addition.”

Despite more than a year of significant setbacks for site owner David Genecco, who twice lost his financing for the project, City of Canandaigua officials say they’re still hopeful that the project — a mix of hotel space and condominiums — will pan out. City Manager John Goodwin said there’s been recent movement and potential new financiers and renewed belief that the project is back on track.

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