Public can weigh in on Wayne County shared services plan

The public can weigh in on Wayne County’s shared services plan on Monday, but the meeting won’t be at the County Courthouse in Lyons.

It’s at the Wayne County Fairgrounds on Jackson Street.

The Board of Supervisors has made it a tradition to host its August meeting at the fairgrounds during the annual fair, which opens runs from Monday to Saturday. This year they’ll be meeting on Monday at 11 a.m. Among the guests: State Sen. Pam Helming and Assemblyman Bob Oaks.

And while the agenda is relatively light, the board will be holding at a public hearing, scheduled for 11:25 a.m., on its shared services plan.

County Administrator Rick House is leading the effort, and all the supervisors, as well as a number of village mayors, have been taking part in a state-mandated effort to find ways to save taxpayer money through sharing and consolidation efforts.

Wayne County’s plan includes court consolidation, shared digitized record-keeping and consolidation of highway services. The plan needs to be sent to the state by Sept. 15.

House noted that of the three, digitized record-keeping is the one that can be moved on the fastest. It’s already budgeted for 2018.

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