Seneca Falls Elks Lodge presents $2,000 check to Seneca County Sheriff’s Office for Child Advocacy Center in Waterloo

The Seneca Falls Elks Lodge is continuing its efforts to give back to the community this summer.

On Sunday, the Seneca Falls Elks Lodge presented the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office with a $2,000 check, which was obtained through the Gratitude Grant.

Sheriff Timothy Luce was present with Ashley Davoli, Child Advocacy Specialist and Forensic Interviewer, Sergeant Chris Felice, and Undersheriff John Cleere accepting the check, which was presented in a brief ceremony by Seneca Falls Elks Lodge Exalted Ruler Brandon Bond.

“We have to thank everyone who was involved in this process,” Bond said at the conclusion of the ceremony. “Thank you to Karen Bush for writing the grant, setting up the presentation, and thank you for everyone that was here for the presentation on Sunday.”

Chairwoman Karen Bush, who leads the Grant Committee — as well as annual grant efforts throughout the lodge was also present for the ceremony. Bush played a vital role in not only administering the grant, but also organizing the ceremony to recognize the Sheriff’s Office for their continued work in the community.

The Child Advocacy Center being opened in Waterloo will provide an invaluable resource to the communities throughout Seneca County. The Seneca Falls Elks Lodge wishes Sheriff Luce, and the rest of his team the best of luck as they continue working tirelessly to make Seneca County the safest community in the Finger Lakes.

Exalted Ruler Bond concluded, “This, like so many of our other ventures, furthers our involvement in the community and helps promote our message: Elks care, Elks share.”

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