City may seek funds to support communication with Foundry neighbors

City Council Wednesday will consider allocating $50,000 this year to provide a “go to” person for residents of the Geneva Foundry contamination zone to get information.

That would include $40,000 to outside contractors working with the Office of Neighborhood Initiatives and $10,000 for materials and supplies.

Council will also be asked to allocate an unspecified amount of additional funds for a full year of those services in the 2018 budget.

“We realize people are saying the city has been too silent on this matter,” said Matt Horn, city manager. “We want to be sure that’s not the case. We want to make a significant effort to communicate with residents. Our existing staff can’t do it, so we’re proposing to expand our services from the consultants. We want there to be someone who speaks for the city at community meetings on what we can and can’t do.

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