NY DMV warns residents of scam email

If you receive an email that purports to be from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle and starts this way:

Dear Driver:

“We are writing to inform you that the state police department has notified us that you have several outstanding traffic violations. If you do not make restitution for these infractions within 48 hours, we will be forced to revoke your driver’s license.”

Do not click on any of the links or forward it on.

The state DMV is cautioning consumers against the email “phishing” campaign and calling it a hoax.

The fake emails pretend to be from the DMV and report that the State Police has advised DMV that the recipient has several outstanding traffic violations. It then provides two links to either plead guilty or to refute the tickets. The links direct unsuspecting users to a malicious download that may expose your computer to a virus. If you receive one of these emails, delete it immediately.

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