NOW OPEN: The Candle Shop celebrates a new beginning on Exchange St. in Geneva

It’s been a long road, but a rewarding one at the same time.

The Candle Shop, which celebrated it’s first weekend open last week – heads into the holiday weekend with renewed confidence about their plan to open a business in Geneva.

For Jessica Fischer, owner of The Candle Shop, the idea was born out of uncertainty in 2014. “My husband and I were having a conversation about me working, and what I wanted to do for a career. I was feeling confused,” she explained.

She was a district manager for a company called Mark, which was later absorbed by Avon.

At the advice of her husband, she decided to try making candles. It wasn’t something that was planned out, or given a ton of thought before the idea landed before the pair.

The business itself was registered legally in July 2015. However, finding the right place to do business out of was not an easy task.

“I wanted my own place for a long time. I started selling to my friends and family in 2015, then started offering items to the public in my husband’s and brother-in-law’s shop First Choice Auto,” Fischer recalled.

Her family has assisted throughout the process. Especially when her products were being sold at First Choice Auto. Like most small businesses, though, the book keeping and day-to-day operation is run through herself. “My family has been a great help throughout the process for lending moral support. Especially during a hectic grand opening weekend,” she explained.

Like any business owner just starting out, Fischer is dealing with the typical challenges. “I was really nervous about opening weekend. How much to have on-hand, trying to guess how many people would stop by, what scents people enjoy” she explained. “It was really nice though. Some friends stopped by, a few passerby’s visited the store and even a really kind woman from Holland who came in to buy a few things.”

The store offers hand poured and hand made soy container candles, soy pillar candles, palm wax container and pillar candles, scented jelly, bees wax candles, and much more.

Fischer says she’s optimistic that things will go well in the coming months.

The Candle Shop is located at 484 Exchange St. in Geneva.

Visit their Facebook Page here.

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