Study finds Seneca Meadows to have $72M impact on economy

Seneca Meadows, Inc., announced the findings of a recent economic impact study assessing the landfill’s total economic impact in Seneca County.

The study found that Seneca Meadows has a $72 million annual impact on Seneca County.

In addition, the study shows that for every $1 dollar in revenue generated at Seneca Meadows, $1.30 in economic activity is generated within the County.

Additionally, for every person employed by Seneca Meadows, 2.7 people are employed in the County. The study was authored by Apoorva Kumar, a student intern from Cornell University.

Kyle Black, District Manager for Seneca Meadows said, “We realized Seneca Meadows’ economic benefits to our community were significant, but this study defined the enormity of that impact.”

He added, “It’s important for us to recognize the positive impact our facility makes every day. From funding critical programs, to supporting neighboring small businesses, we work every day to make our community great. We were pleased to work with Miss Kumar and Cornell University, and hope to partner with them in the future.”

The study, which was the result of an internship opportunity with Seneca Meadows, measured the direct, indirect and induced impacts of the landfill’s operation.

Input-output analysis and IMPLAN software was used to conduct the assessment. IMPLAN modeling is used by more than 500 universities and government agencies to estimate the economic and fiscal impacts on given investments/projects.

It was noted in the study that industries in the waste-management sector are often only talked about in terms of their perceived environmental issues.

Regional economic impact analyses provides a broader picture of comprehensive activities that include effects on the regional economy through employment generation.

The internship was arranged through a partnership between Cornell’s Community and Regional Development Institute.

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