BLACK: Local Law No. 3 should be rescinded

Kyle Black, District Manager at Seneca Meadows

When FingerLakes1.com News approached our company with a request from their readers to hear our viewpoint on Local Law No. 2, currently under consideration by the Town of Seneca Falls, we greatly appreciated the opportunity. Seneca Meadows is committed to open, honest dialogue with our community. In the past 24 months, I’ve attended more than 60 local, public meetings, and our team has come to many as well.

Why is Seneca Meadows in favor of Local Law 2? That’s easy. It rescinds Local Law No. 3 of 2016, the Waste Disposal Law.

Here are the reasons we find the 2016 Law a detriment to both our community and our company:

The Chamber of Commerce Votes “No”

It is very significant that the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce publicly opposed the 2016 Law. Why? Targeting a single, local business sends a message to prospective developers looking to create or retain jobs in Seneca Falls that this community is not “open for business.”

The 2016 Law is Legally Flawed

The process by which the WDL was enacted failed to comply with the requirements of the State Environmental Quality Review Act, and denied Seneca Meadows its due process rights. In addition, a member of the former Town Board who voted for the policy had previously, publicly established a bias against the landfill.

The 2016 Law is Inaccurate

Seneca Meadows is a nationally recognized, award winning facility, (2012 SWANA Award for Excellence in Landfill Management, 2014 EPA LMOP Award for partnering in landfill gas-to-energy production), and a leader in our industry. Yet the 2016 Law contains numerous baseless accusations about our operations at Seneca Meadows, and no proof of those accusations is provided.

The 2016 Law Relies Upon False Statements

In the past ten years, multiple new businesses have located in close proximity to the landfill, including: Super Walmart, Bonadent, Microtel, Hampton Inn, Monroe Muffler, Rite aid Pharmacy, Generations Bank, Lyons National Bank, Advanced Auto Parts and Verizon.  Despite this fact, the 2016 Law erroneously states that our operations have prevented the orderly development of properties within the Town.

The 2016 Law Disregards Odor Control Efforts

Seneca Meadows is keeping its promise to aggressively address the odor issue. It is widely acknowledged that the odor impact of 2016 has drastically diminished, and Seneca Meadows continues to work with the DEC to improve our efforts.  However, the 2016 Law completely disregards the improvements.

The 2016 Law Could Slash the Town Budget, Resulting in Significantly Increased Taxes

At Seneca Meadows, it is always our intent to work cooperatively with local government. The 2016 Law ended negotiations for a future Host Community Benefit Agreement between the Town and Seneca Meadows. It is this agreement that prevents property taxes from skyrocketing in Seneca Falls, and provides funds for vital services and amenities like the police department and the recreation center.

Our team at Seneca Meadows commends the Seneca Falls Town Board for recognizing, along with the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce and other business minded community members, the urgent need to rescind the 2016 Law and eliminate an incorrectly premised, duplicative, and unnecessary local law. Working together, we can do great things today, and for future generations.

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